Skin Barrier Spray

Product description

The skin barrier spray is made for those who suffer from skin damage caused by diaper rash, long-term medical care system and adhesive sport wrap. This product is made of medical grade silicone resin, when spraying it on skin it overlays an invisible barrier of breathable, water resistant and no-sting film which will isolate baby’s stools and protect skin from possible substance irritation; provide elder patients’ skin a protection from being damaged by adhesive due to long time wearing medical care system; and besides to reduce the risk of adhesive allergy, it’ll increase the adhesion of wrap when athlete uses it before wrapping sport tape. We use the spray to increase the convenience of use, and reduce the chance of pollution by hands contact.

Skin Barrier Spray

Isolate the urine and feces from skin and protect skin from diaper rash.


Like the fish scales overlay on skin to produce the lotus effect, forming an invisible barrier on surface to block the water away and prevent skin infiltration.

Breathable 1

The fish scales overlay gives the skin breathable, vapor permeable and comfortable.

Recommendation use

ApplicationHow to useHow it works
Baby’s diaper rashSpray it on the dry area where easily get rashes after the shower and refill the spray few times as needed (like diaper change) to keep providing protection.Isolate baby’s feces and urine to reduce the skin gets irritated.
Long-term careSpray on the area where needs to apply with adhesive medicated system for long time period will reduce the risk of skin allergy or damage to the fragile skin.Protect fragile skin to be damaged by adhesive products, reduce the risk of skin allergy.
SportAfter clean process, spray it on the dray area where needs to be wrapped by adhesive sport tape.Reduce the risk of skin allergy and Increase the fitness between skin and adhesive wrap but less friction.

Applications and cautions

Applications :

  • Can use on minor cut, scratch, or minor wounds as a protection without sting or allergic reaction.
  • Multiple applications, like Hand Eczema, miliaria, and athlete’s foot.

Cautions :

  • Avoid to contact with eyes, ears, mouth, nose and mucous membranes; If it happens accidentally, please rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advices immediately.
  • Please keep product away from flame or any heat resource, and keep out of reach from child.

Skin Barrier Spray