We posses the capability of material sourcing, product design, and manufaturing


  • Chemical synthesis
  • Material sourcing


  • Product design
  • Clinical experience
  • OEM experience for global brands
  • Global licenses and certifications


  • Eleven product lines
  • Automated
  • Manufacturing
  • Class 100 K cleaning room
  • Parameter setting

Professional, Speed, Cost

We have coating room, well managed-few storage space, and class 100K clean room. We equipped clean rooms to respond to varying customer needs, and are developing our original production line, with quality control.

We support our customers manufacturing with our “Professional,” “Speed,” and “Cost” that guarantee safety, from development to mass production of prototypes.

Six Unique technologies

PU Film Technology

Forth Foam Technology

PU Hydrogel Techology

PU Foam Technology

Polymer Spray Technology

PU Adhesive Technology

Licenses & Safety Assurance

  • ISO 13485:2016
  • GMP Medical Device
  • FDA Class I registration
  • TFDA Class I registration
  • CE Class I : Surgical dressing
  • CE Class IIa : Hydrocolloid & waterproof dressing