Become the leading provider and manufacturer of cutting-edge wound dressing solutions worldwide, delivering superior wound care products and services for optimal patient outcomes.

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Wound Care Experts

As the population ages, there is an increasing demand for high-quality and efficient medical consumables. With a team of skilled wound care professionals, we are dedicated to crafting advanced wound care dressings. Furthermore, we strive to disseminate accurate wound care knowledge to the general public.


Manufacturing of Wound Dressing Products

In compliance with rigorous regulatory frameworks governing global medical equipment, we ensure adherence to strict standard processes from raw materials to manufacturing. Leveraging optimized production lines, we strive for a cost-effective and high-yield manufacturing process.


Comprehensive Wound Care Solutions

Through the integration of multidisciplinary talents, we strive to expand our service portfolio consistently. This involves partnering with healthcare institutions, academic research units, and forging industry alliances to cater to the needs of product development. Our objective is to establish an exceptional solution supply chain, positioning us as a pivotal link between healthcare professionals and wound patients.


Our goal is to surpass the challenges and address the bottlenecks in wound care, establishing ourselves as a Taiwanese brand that combines product development and manufacturing. Ultimately, through these efforts, we aim to expand the sales and promotion of our wound care products, in line with our vision and objectives.

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Valuable Final Product, VFP

“ Providing a diverse range of comfortable wound care products and services. ”

Upcoming Plans / Objectives

In recent years, our collaborations with multiple hospitals have driven extensive research on wound care systems, enabling us to understand the evolving needs of physicians and caregivers. As a result, we have expanded our business to include wound prevention, precision treatment, and health monitoring products. Additionally, we have launched AniMed, a pet wound care brand, embodying our commitment to extend our expertise to our furry companions. Aligned with the H&H (Health & Happiness) brand spirit, we remain dedicated to our founding principles.

Future Blueprint

In order to uphold our founding principles, our future blueprint entails making strides towards proactive wound dressings, health monitoring, and the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in remote wound care services.

Certificate / Certification.

We have obtained multiple internationally recognized certificates to guarantee the superior quality and safety of our products, including ISO 9001 / ISO 13485, CE, FDA, and GMP (QMS).

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