Polysiloxane for skin protection

Protect your skin, naturally: Polysiloxane for breathable, comfortable, and pollution-free skin.

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Experimental verification

Skin Surface Morphology

Through electron microscopy, a comparison of the skin surface without (left image) and with (right image) polysiloxane spray application reveals that the sprayed skin maintains its breathability.

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Barrier Function Test

Polysiloxane was applied onto a substrate and allowed to dry, creating a thin film. The barrier properties of the film were evaluated using a test method based on the principle of water contact angle. The results showed that the polysiloxane film exhibited effective barrier properties against water, indicating its potential for skin protection.


Water Vapor Transmission Test

Tissue paper coated with polysiloxane material was placed on top of hot water and observed through a glassware (glass material). The vapor transmission of the sample was evaluated by measuring the release of heat (yellow arrows). The results demonstrate that polysiloxane material not only possesses skin protection capabilities, but also maintains skin breathability.

Different Specifications and Applications of Polysiloxane Materials.

Product number:TJM_SBSB
Application:Infant care

Used for prevention and treatment of diaper rash in infants and wound healing.


Product number:TJM_SBSM
Application:Medical care

Skin protection during removal of medical tapes, postoperative wound care, and care for superficial wounds.


Product number:TJM_SBSS

Fixation of sports tapes, increase in friction to enhance sports performance.


Product number:TJM_SBSA

Superficial wound, eczema, interdigital dermatitis

Packaging method and specifications
Packaging methodsSpecifications
Pump spray bottle28 ml, 50 ml
Pressurized aerosol bottle60 ml, 85 ml