Hydrocolloid Dressing


Functional design and principle

For low to moderate draining wounds-provide the best healing environment


  • Wick the exudate quickly
  • Capability of higher absorbency
  • Made of 100% natural plant fiber
  • Soft and no glue residue

Case Report

5 cm wound – First-degree burn

Functional comparison


From the result of absorbency performance, H&H has significantly higher absorbency than the other leading brands of hydrocolloids at the point after 7.5 hours; on the other hand, it takes shorter time than the other two to reach same absorbency. That proves H&H hydrocoll-oid dressing provides a moist and insulating healing environment which protects uninfected wounds while allowing the body’s own enzymes to help heal wounds.

Comparison of water absorption rate
H&H Hydrocolloid Dressing Brand A Brand B